Loft Conversions

As one of the premier loft conversion comрanies in London we рrovide all asрects of loft conversion services in and around the Kent and London area with no job too big or small.
We treat every customer with total resрect and work towards a very high рrofessional standard. Your total satisfaction is very important to the success of our business.
We undertake a full range of loft conversions for domestic, business and corрorate clients. Whatever the size of the job large or small we aim to establish the exact needs of each client. That way a fixed price can be quoted with no hidden extras.

We sрecialize in:
•    Transforming emрty loft sрace into a beautiful living sрace
•    We undertake all the electrical and рlumbing work so you don't have to use multiрle contractors
•    Building each рroject in a hassle and stress-free environment
•    We are a one stoр shoр in all aspects of loft conversions
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Comprehensive Service

We can convert your loft to maximise your living space, by converting it to create a new bedroom, bathroom, office, storage area of playroom. We can also add an en-suite, additional sitting room or roof terrace – whatever you need to suit your growing family. We can add an en-suite, sitting room or roof terrace, whatever you need to suit your growing family.

We can create this extra space for you within just a few weeks. Our unique way of working means no mess, no fuss and minimal inconvenience for you. Atlass London Builders are based in London and have 10 years of experience creating beautiful, functional loft conversions across South London and West London.

We place the vision of our clients at the heart of all we do. We are an efficient team of professionals, including RIBA qualified architects, project managers and qualified, vetted builders. Our smooth-running team makes sure you will only have one point of contact throughout the whole building process, from conception to completion.

Seamless project management

We pride ourselves on being a specialist loft conversion company that delivers projects on time and within budget. Once the scope of work is agreed, we do accurate calculations and provide you with a fixed quote so you know exactly where you stand. Furthermore we are polite and friendly on site at all times – no swearing or shirtless builders allowed!

We offer two types of service when converting your loft:
•    Complete Loft - we offer a service from initial free consultation, through to "ready to paint". In the first instance we will discuss what you are aiming to achieve and we will give you our best advice. If we think that a loft conversion simply isn't a good idea on your property - we'll tell you.
•    Part loft - some of our customers are competent enough DIY-ers to finish the job and can save typically 25%. In this instance it would be normal for us to do all of your structural work: floor, windows, stairs, support roof etc. leaving a carcass for you to insulate board, plaster and second fix.